18 Jan 2009

St Bernardus Abt 12

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Name: Abt 12

Brewery: St Bernardus

Overall Rating: A-

Style: Belgium Quadruple

Serving Style: 750ML Cork Belgium Bottle

ABV: 10%

IBU: 22

Price: $10.99

Appearance: Huge 3 finger head poured into my Stone chalice.   Dark brown/ruby.  Cloudy.

Aroma: Big alcohol blast hits my nose with fruity fig and even a little anise.  Earthy, full aroma.

Flavor: Bold earthy flavors start.  Spicy fig finish.  The carbonation bubbles are very present when sipping.  The balance isn’t quite perfect as the alcohol dominates.

Body: Full bodied.  Definitely a sipper not session brew.  Dry finish for such a big beer.

Enjoyability: This is actually my first St Bernardus and I was impressed.  This is a big Belgium quad that like so many Belgium quads before it suffers from a slight imbalance.  Sure, I love high ABV brews more than most, but if the balance isn’t there, I can’t give a perfect rating.  That said, this is a great quad and I will be buying more.  Cheers.

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One Response to “St Bernardus Abt 12”

  1. Gile Says:

    I’ve got one of these in my fridge to review as well.