21 Apr 2009

The Beer Gauge

Author: Gile | Filed under: Enhance Your Knowledge

banner-2_cgidHere is one of those, why didn’t I think of that moments. Take a look at the Beer Gauge, made by Chris Holloway out in Colorado. The theory is that your getting cheated out of CRUCIAL amounts of beer by not getting the advertised American measurement for pint, 16oz. Head on over to Chris’s website and maybe we at CORE can even order some up to put a CUSTOM logo on:

The Beer Gauge

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One Response to “The Beer Gauge”

  1. Chipper Dave Says:

    Only thing that’s missing on that Beer Gauge is another ruler guide for measuring the thickness of the bottom of the glass. You may get a full fill from the top point of view but if the bartender uses glasses with very thick bottoms then you could be missing another 1-2oz on the pour. You also have to realize that no bartender is going to fill it absolutely all the way up to the top. You must leave room for a small head and avoiding spillage if too full. Realistically, your only going to get 14oz or so in a real pour. If you have flat beer with no head, then you might fit more in the glass.