24 Apr 2010

Alpine Beer Company Duet

Author: Gile | Filed under: Beer Reviews

Alpine Beer Company Duet

Name: Duet

Brewery: Alpine Beer Company

Overall Rating: Very good!

Style: 14B. American IPA

Serving Style: Bottle 220z

ABV: 7%

If you like IPAs, like I do, you’ll really like this one. The hops and nice and crisp! The ABV isn’t too high, so you might actually be able to enjoy a few more of these. It is a very clear, straw yellow with a beautiful, white, fluffy head. Excellent carbonation and mouthfeel make this a very good IPA to drink. I highly recommend this one as it is a great example of what an IPA is and should be.

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One Response to “Alpine Beer Company Duet”

  1. Jim Says:

    I had this one for the first time this week. I loved it!