6 Mar 2013

Misha’s Costa Rica S.H.B. Tarazzu

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Misha's Costa Rican

Misha’s Costa Rican

As many of you know, with great affliction I had to retire from drinking and brewing beer due to a continued focus on my health.  Despite all the excellent health claims in Gile’s “The Case for Beer” post, I can’t continue to watch my waist line  grow while I’m progressing into my mid-30’s. I’ve continued to discuss brewing beer with the CORE crew and last night, where I voiced my tribulation with not being able to post to the CORE blog with Scott.  He suggested I continue posting about brewing…coffee!

There’s a local roaster a few short blocks from my house that I’ve been walking to lately to get my caffeine fix called Misha’s Coffee House.  They roast in-house and produce some of the finest coffee I’ve ever had.

I’m now on my second batch of Costa Rica S.H.B. Tarazzu and find it to be an extremely tasty brew.  They describe it as “A perfectly balanced varietal.  Beautifully fragrant.  Full body and strong acidity.  French Roast.”   I would call it bold and refined!  It really shined with perfect balance when I brewed it with the Connoisseur’s Brewing Ratio rather than the “standard” ratio.  Earthy, volcanic, slightly nutty, and perfect.

I chose the Costa Rican variety since I recently spent two weeks in that country visiting some coffee plantations and fell in love with their beans.  Here are some pictures of my visit to the Doka Estate, a 100-year-old coffee finca (plantation).


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