10 Oct 2013

Other Ingredients Besides Hops

Author: Gile | Filed under: Enhance Your Knowledge

I want this to be an open letter to brewers all across the world; more specifically California; even more specifically San Diego County Brewers. There are other ingredients to emphasize in your brews besides the beautiful hop cone. I’m talking about malt mostly but also yeast. When we go shopping for beers; be it liquor store, super market or tap house; it’d be nice to see other styles besides IPAs, IIPAs, West Coast IPAs, Hoppy Reds and any other double, triple, quadrillion hopped varieties.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a good IPA. Recent enjoyments in the hop realm have been the Rogue XS, Stone Enjoy by 10-25-13, Bear Republic Cafe Racer and several others that don’t come to mind immediately. I am hop head at heart, I once purchased an entire case of the Moylan Hopsickle after having it at Stone’s 12th Anniversary Celebration. That IPA as well as the above examples make impressions on me. I love ’em! It’s difficult to branch out into other styles when you go to most pubs and the tap handles are dominated with super hop beers. Same with the store shelves if you can’t get to one of the major resellers like BevMo, Total Wine and More, Holiday Wine Cellar [Escondido, CA] or Texas Wine and Liquor [Carlsbad, CA].

I like IPAs, all I’m saying is brew me a good dunkle or dopplebock for a change.



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2 Responses to “Other Ingredients Besides Hops”

  1. Sigaro Says:

    I love that glass. I need a set!

  2. Gile Says:

    A place I go to down here serves most of their beers in the glass from the brewery. For instance this was a Kasteel beer I was drinking that night.

    Interesting side note: I do see a lot of other styles on the taps around me now. Its not all IPAs but at the same time everyone serving good beers dedicates a portion of their taps to IPAs.