3 Dec 2015

Home Brew Gear Evolved

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Let’s cut through the BS – I sat here trying to come up with a clever story about how my home brew gear has evolved from Mr Nub Beer kit to something a bit more serious. Through the trials and tribulations of home brewing, I’ve come to realize just how much I love beer. The science behind beer, the process of brewing, serving and tasting beer. I love it all!

I decided to make a move into electric brewing to 1) reduce equipment foot print. My current set-up, 2 coolers, 1 boil kettle, fermenters was beginning to take up too much space at home.  2) Indoor brewing possibility – The summer months can be brutal in SoCal. Months of 90+ degree weather will keep you locked up indoors with the AC blasting. 3) Simplifying the All Grain brewing process.

After months of extensive research of electric brewing systems, the choice was clear.. The Grain Father electric brewing system was the best bang for my bucks..  Thus far, the Grain Father has proven to be WELL worth the investment.

This thing is S E X Y ! Compact, full featured and best of all, cost. The Grain Father was half the cost of other electric brewing systems and by far, seemed to be the easiest to operate.

Here’s a break down of the Grain Father System



The second piece to my new brewery is my new SS Brew Tech Chronical Fermenter.

I LOVE this product! SOLID, well built, high quality. 1 vessel for both primary and secondary fermentation. SS Brew Tech recently released a Brew Master’s series. Several nice upgrades and additions to the already bad ass 7G fermenter you see here.

Stay tuned for more detailed product reviews! Time to get brewing..



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