22 Jan 2016

Welcome to The Grain 2 Glass Series (G2G)

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Hello fellow home brewers – Happy 2016 – I’m here to quickly introduce you to a blog series I am planning to do in 2016.

As you can see my last post I’ve upgraded the homebrew gear and now it’s time to put her to use! This year my goals for brewing are:

  1. Brew 3 staple beers I can keep on tap at home.
  2. Enter at least 3 home brew competitions.
  3. Document the journey

So why these 3 goals? Simple, they all support each other. Starting off with #1, I plan to brew at least 10+ batches this year.

Well I am happy to report that I am already on my way! Today, I bottled up my Sunshine State Ale. It’s a pale ale brewed with sweet orange peels. I got this recipe from HomeBrew Talk Forum’s Top 100 Recipes.

(will add a photo here when it’s ready)

As I was bottling the beer, I thought to myself that I REALLY should be doing a better job of recording/journaling each of my brews. To aid with that, I picked up

homebrew journal  beer journal

Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their brewing. This journal is well organized and (will add more stuff about the journal)

This was the journal that inspired me to go one step further by taking you with me on my journey to hit my 2016 brewing goals. There’s a bit too much catch-up work for me to cover my first beer of 2016 so I will begin with my next.

So now, what will be covered in the G2G series.

G2G will cover:

Planning – Brew Calendar (looking across the year for major events, brewing accordingly)

Planning – Brew Selection (what beers)

Planning – Pre-Brew Day Preparation (recipe, gathering ingredients, gathering equipment, etc)

Brew Day Prep: Equipment Check, organizing, etc.

Brew Day Prep: Developing a brew schedule

Brew Day Prep: Yeast Starter?

Brew Day:



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